How to Connect a DSL Modem to a Computer

  1. Take the DSL modem out of the box and make sure that you have: the DSL modem, the power adapter, the network cable (RJ-45) and the telephone cord.
  2. Plug one end of the network cable (RJ-45) into the back of the modem, into the « Ethernet » port, and the other into the computer’s network adapter card.
  3. Plug the telephone cord into the modem’s « DSL » port and in the phone wall jack.
  4. Plug the power adapter into the modem.
  5. Once the « DSL » light is on and has stopped flashing, the process is complete. Simply use your Internet connection!

Note: See also Modems used by ORICOM INTERNET


Note on telephone filters:

Every telephone device (telephones and faxes) must have its own filter:

GVC filters : Must be plugged into a WALL JACK. Then plug in the telephone cord leading to the telephone (telephone-cable-filter-wall jack).

Daewoo filters : Must be plugged directly into the TELEPHONE. Then, plug in the telephone cord leading to the wall jack (telephone-filter-cable-wall jack).

Very important : The DSL modem should NEVER, be connected to a filter.