Support services for businesses


Domain name, SSL certificate, electronic mailbox and FTP server

ORICOM INTERNET makes life easier by helping you set up your Web site. Save time and energy by having us:

  • Reserve a domain name
  • Validate and purchase SSL security certification
  • Set up an electronic mailbox for your business
  • Install an FTP server

Domain name

Is your business just beginning to venture onto the Web? ORICOM INTERNET checks that the domain name you want is available and reserves it for you. All you need to do is move in!

Digital certification

Does your Web site offer commercial transactions? ORICOM INTERNET can help give your clients peace of mind thanks to high-level digital certification (SSL) that ensures secure transactions.

SSL certification allows your Web site and its users to share information through secure channels. To be eligible for SSL certification, your site must be on a dedicated server.

Business e-mail

Increase your business’ productivity with an ORICOM INTERNET electronic mailbox. We can host your business mailbox and manage all of its parameters, including data transfer capacity, the addition of users and maximum memory.

FTP server

Avoid clogging your team’s inboxes. An FTP lets you store large files in a space with restricted access. Your clients and suppliers will be able to upload their large documents, which you can then retrieve. Ideal for downloading graphic layouts, videos, project specifications and other documents.