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Our business solutions are based on your company’s profile. Whether your business is looking for Internet solutions , telephony or other , our experts provide the advice and YOU make the decisions. Don’t pay for services that are unnecessary or, even worse, inadequate. No one-size-fits-all formulas, no rigid agreements. YOU are the boss.

Multi-Network Static IP Service

Oricom Internet sets itself apart from the competition by providing an efficient static IP address, regardless of the type of Internet connection your company uses. Whether you are connected to our network or another Internet connection, regardless of the region, country or continent you are in, your Oricom IP address works everywhere.

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Fusion Internet Service

How much money do you lose when you lose Internet connectivity? Oricom Internet has the perfect solution for the company that cares about the reliability of its Internet network. Fusion Internet service, a link aggregation system, will provide the stability your network requires.

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Multi-Site Connection

ORICOM INTERNET lets you chose the solutions that are best suited to YOUR business. Virtual private network (VPN) between branches, business continuity plan, interconnected servers, single billing... everything you need to drive your business.

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Business Continuity and Risk Management

Our team of commercial risk management will keep your infrastructures up and running, even when disaster strikes. Benefit advice from our experienced team and prepare a realistic and effective business continuity plan

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Internet and Telephone Service for Commercial Buildings

Include Internet and telephone service in your leases to give your commercial building added value. Your tenants will pay very competitive rates and you can even charge user fees.

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Install a secure public Wi-Fi for your business

In this era of new technologies, your clients use their smart mobile device to make the most of their wait time and your employees need mobile Internet access to do their jobs. Because wireless is essential nowadays, your company needs a reliable, robust Wi-Fi service. ORi-Fi is an essential wireless network solution for plugged-in companies.

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Let us be your Internet broker

Do you have several branches or offices and would like to have a single Internet provider? Oricom Internet can manage all your connections; a single bill and a single technical support number for all your branches or offices.

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