Internet Brokerage Service

What do Internet brokers do?
... Internet brokers are THE contact in terms of Internet services. We give you access to all Internet distribution networks, regardless of the provider. We manage all your connections, which means you only receive one monthly invoice and only need one technical support number for all your branches and offices.
Who is our Internet brokerage service for?
... Does your company have several branches, offices or points of service, and do you want to have a single Internet provider? This service is for you! Whether your offices are located in Toronto or in the suburbs of Yellowknife, if an Internet network is available in your area, we can provide you with access to it.
What are the benefits of this service?
- A single bill, even if you have connections from different networks;
- One phone number for technical support;
- Save time and hassles; let us manage all your connections;
- Enjoy the same benefits for your telephony and hosting services.
Trust our experts
... Take advantage of our experience and know-how; we can help you save time and money. Our experts will be attentive to your needs and put forward a solution that is perfectly adapted to your type of business. All your Internet connections pooled with the same provider and only one monthly bill to pay!
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