ORi-Fi Wireless Service

In this era of new technologies, your clients use their smart device to make the most of their wait time and your employees need mobile Internet access to do their jobs. Because wireless is essential nowadays, your company needs a reliable, robust Wi-Fi service. ORi-Fi is an essential wireless solution for plugged-in companies.


ORi-Fi service gives you wider coverage and increased performance compared to a standard router.

  • Access point models for indoor and/or outdoor environments
  • Ultra-high performance a/b/g/n and AC Wi-Fi performance up to 1300 Mb/s
  • Ideal solution for multiple branch offices and telecommuting


Let our experienced team set up your wireless service and benefit from our expertise while you focus on your key activities. Our Cloud-managed Wi-Fi network solution simplifies wireless management and security while enabling centralized management of devices. ORi-Fi provides increased control and efficiency without the expense and complexity of traditional architectures.

  • Secure wireless service
  • Cloud management eliminates expensive and complex controllers
  • Radio frequency optimization from the Cloud with spectrum analysis


Customize your wireless service, providing open access or access by user code. Our solution also allows you to manage speed, connection time and quantity of data by user code.

In addition, a simple visit to the site will allow our team of experts to propose the ideal solution for the size of the area to be covered.

  • Integrated Wi-Fi security and guest access
  • Network-wide visibility and control
  • Authentication gateway customized for your company

1 branch

Cloud management fees

$199per year

Choice of access points

$200per unit upon purchase

Multiple branches

Cloud management fees

$399per year

Choice of access points

$200per unit upon purchase

Need help? Contact our experts for a customized solution to suit your needs.