Wireless Service

What is the Ori-Fi service?
... Ori-Fi is the Wi-Fi network solution we manage for you from our data centre. It saves you the trouble of administering your Wi-Fi network and ensures that your users' needs are met. Our solution is scalable because it can be tailored to your desired wireless service coverage area. One or several discreet access points are installed at strategic locations to maximize Wi-Fi coverage and performance.
Who is our wireless solution for?
... Small or large areas: Hotels—restaurants—appartment buildings—waiting rooms—shared office spaces—multi-storey buildings—conference rooms—etc. Our solution is ideal for any business or property owner who wants to enhance customer experience by offering a reliable, robust and secure wireless solution to their customers.
Why choose our solution?
... Make the most of your customers' wait time with a turnkey wireless service. Customize it by offering open or user ID access. Our solution also allows you to manage the speed, connection time and data limits available based on user ID. Ori-Fi offers you the best business-class control and efficiency for your money.
What are the costs?
Basic Ori-Fi - Management of 1 access point Management of 1 access point
WPA access
Router / firewall included
Cloud management fees
per month
Advanced Ori-Fi - Management for 5 access points or more Management for 5 included access points
$2 / month for each additionnal access point
WPA access or with access code
Router / firewall included
Cloud management fees
per month
*Starter solution installed starting at $500 (based on the equipment required)
Trust our experts!
... We evaluate, install, protect and support! Take advantage of our know-how and focus on your main activities by entrusting our experienced team with your Wi-Fi service's setup. A simple on-site visit will allow our experts to suggest the solution that is best suited to your coverage area. Everything is installed and set up by tried-and-tested experts.
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