Business telephony offers

Take control of your calls

Our variety of products lets you choose the technology most suited to your type of business. Our experts will help you find the best solution for your communication needs.

Traditional copper

From$31.95per month

Compatible with all telephone systems, this technology is available virtually everywhere.

Business IP phone

From$14.95per month

IP (VoIP) telephony lets you enjoy a wide range of options and save on long-distance fees.

Telephone system

From$ 1395On purchase

All our telephone systems can be configured to your specific requirements.

Business IP Phone Lines

Savings and flexibility

Business IP telephony offers a multitude of options while providing significant savings on your long-distance fees. Connected directly to your high-speed Internet connection, this technology lets you access most of the star features (*) and several advanced features.

Discover our offers designed for you:

Basic IP telephony
Directory registrationDisplayExtended area
Regular IP telephony
Directory registrationDisplayExtended areaEnhanced Voice Mail
Advanced IP telephony
Directory registrationDisplayExtended areaEnhanced Voice MailUnlimited Canada and 500 min U.S.
  • Keep your phone numbers
  • Unlimited local calls in your widely-extended local area
  • Long-distance calls in Canada and the United States for $0.05 per minute
  • Most star features (*) are included (call blocking, do not disturb, call display blocking, etc.)
  • The advanced package includes the automatic call forwarding (follow me) feature.

Compare our business telephony offers

Traditional copperBusiness IP phone
Basic Advance Basic Advance
Unlimited incoming calls
Unlimited local calls
Unlimited calls over an extended local area (numerous cities in Quebec)
No charge to keep your existing number
Your number in the phone directory at no charge, if requested
Most * functions free
Caller ID service
Call waiting service
Full-featured voice mail with email delivery $6/month $6/month $2/month
Automatic call forwarding
Line Hunting feature available
Canada/US long distance minutes included 500/1000/2000
Canada/US long distance rates per minute $0,05 $0,05 $0,05 $0,04