Configuring a PPPoE Connection on Windows XP

  1. Click on « Start », « All programs », « Accessories », « Communications » and « New Connection Wizard ».

    Windows XP PPPOE-1
  2. A « New Connection Wizard » window will appear on your screen. To continue the set up click on « Next ».

    Windows XP PPPOE-2
  3. Choose « Connect to the Internet ». Then click on « Next ».

    Windows XP PPPOE-3
  4. Choose « Set up my connection manually », and then click « Next ».

    Windows XO PPPOE-4
  5. Choose « Connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and password » and then click « Next ».

    Windows XP PPPOE-5
  6. Type in the ISP name « Oricom » in the allotted space then click « Next ».

    Windows XP PPPOE-6
  7. Enter your user name followed by « ». Enter your password confirm your password. Check the following boxes and clic « Next ».

    Windows XP PPPOE-7
  8. Your connection set up is finished. Check the « Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop » box and you can now simply connect yourself to Oricom’s high speed internet. Conclude the task by clicking « Finish ».

    Windows XP PPPOE-8
  9. Your new Oricom Internet connection is now set up. If you ever wish to contact us you can do so by simply clicking on the shortcut installed on your desktop. If problems occur please contact our technical support staff at the following phone number : 418-683-4557.