Helpful software and Web sites

Helpful software and Web sites

This section includes a list of freeware that is handy for Internet users.

Helpful software and Web sites

Here are some free utility programs, software and Web sites that ORICOM recommends to make your Web browsing more enjoyable.

Be on the lookout for updates (in particular from Microsoft), new software and the latest applications to download.

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Web Browsers

Google chrome: A very fast browser with a simple interface, using the same document renderer as Safari (Mac). It has interesting features, such as the option of using Google Documents when offline.

Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer, the browser developed by Microsoft, is the most popular browser in the world.

Firefox: A free Web browser developed and distributed by Mozilla Foundation, which offers many ingenious add-ons to improve the user experience.

Opera: A free browser, among the least heavy to download. It also includes an email client, an RSS news reader, an address book, an IRC client, and a download manager which supports torrents and voice recognition.

Safari: A simple and fast browser designed by Apple and used mainly by Mac, iPhone and iPad users.

Useful Software

Skype: Audio/video communication software that allows virtual telephony online. Simply register. A microphone and a webcam are required.

NetLimiter: Internet traffic control software. It allows you to set the bandwidth used by specific software, or check the bandwidth used by each program.

CCleaner: Computer optimization software. It allows you to clean temporary files, cookies and other files that are saved when browsing. It also allows you to clean registry errors and manage your computer’s start-up options.

CPUz: Computer analysis utility. It shows your computer’s hardware and software configurations. It shows you which devices are on your computer and the driver software for each one. It also allows you to analyze the computer’s performance.

Adobe Reader: PDF file reader developed by Adobe, available free of charge in several languages and for different platforms.

LibreOffice: A complete office software suite which includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, presentation software, a database manager and drawing software.

Gimp: Free software for image manipulation and digital image creation.

Useful Websites

Test de vitesse Oricom: A tool for testing the speed of your Internet connection. Click on the « Begin Test » button on the centre of the page, and the uploading and downloading connections will be displayed.

Chasm: A site containing simulators for every operating system. It also contains router simulators and practical computer guides.

Wolfram Alpha: Universal database. You can ask it any question, ask it to convert any measurement or do any calculation.

Google: Universal search engine, the largest Web site database in the world. Very easy to use, simply type what you are looking for in the box.

Bing: Microsoft’s search engine. Very good search engine, slightly more complex than Google, but very efficient.

Google Translate: Google’s universal translator. You can enter content in one language and request the translation into the language of your choice.

Dropbox: Online data storage utility. It allows you to store up to two gigabytes of files per account and retrieve them from any computer or Smartphone with an Internet connection and access to the site. Internet and Site Access.

Tous les drivers: A site where you can find almost any driver for computer hardware. You must however know the number of the part for which you are looking for a driver, because there are a lot of drivers.

Mon IP: A tool that allows you to find out your IP address. Simply follow the link and your IP address will appear in large type.

Gmail: Google’s email. It gives you an address and allows you to use Google+, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Chat, to name but a few.

Down for everyone or just me?: Utility that shows you whether a Web site is down or whether you have a problem. Simply enter the problem Web site’s address in the box to find out if it is working or not. Shortcut:

Wikipedia: World encyclopedia. It contains nearly all the information available from magazines, books, Web sites, information sites, etc. Updated regularly and very zealously. Most of the information is verified and the sources are cited.

Canada 411: Web site that allows you to find the phone number of a person or a business by entering their name and address or, using the reverse lookup, find the name and address or person or business by entering their phone number. Web site that provides help in many areas.

Java Virtual Machine: Java Virtual Machine update for Internet Explorer. Displays the Java content of certain Web sites.

Modemhelp: Web site that provides help with all types of telephone modems.

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