What is spam or junk email?

It is an email from an unreliable source or infected by a virus. The content of the email often promotes a product or a service. It could also be a phishing operation, in which the message asks you to click on a link. Once you do so, your computer will be infected.

How is spam spread?

The most common method of spreading spam is through mass mailings of spam and phishing. When you click on a link in the spam message, your computer becomes a « botnet », which means the program will use it to send spam to your contacts. It is a type of virus and, in order to get rid of it, the computer must be cleaned.

Why do I receive spam?

A person you know may have been infected and is sending spam without knowing it. You should let them know. You may also be receiving spam from email addresses you do not know. These are « spammers » who managed to access your email address through a Web site or software to which you are subscribed.


What is Barracuda?

It is a piece of anti-spamming equipment available from ORICOM INTERNET. Barracuda is a « watch dog » for your electronic mailbox, which ensures all your messages are legitimate.

Why Barracuda rather than the Outlook filter?

Outlook’s anti-spam filter allows you to add a specific address or message to the « spam » list, but you must do it for every unwanted email you receive. Barracuda recognizes suspicious email and can evaluate the content of a message in order to allow it to go through or not.

Moreover, Outlook downloads all your emails to your computer. Barracuda has an integrated antivirus that automatically catches emails which contain a virus.

How do I configure my anti-spam filter?

Start by going to On this page, enter your email address and click on « Create new password ». This password will be sent to your electronic mailbox.

The anti-spam filter’s home page is a quarantine area. All the messages that have been blocked by Barracuda are there.

Click on the « Preferences ». tab. From the « Allowed/Blocked », tab, you can block senders by adding their address to the « black list » or allow them by adding their address to the « white list ».

We suggest that you call a technical support agent at ORICOM INTERNET to make changes to the settings of the three other tabs.

A comprehensive guide to using Barracuda is available at: