Using your address

You have been assigned an email address with your ORICOM INTERNET plan. Most of our plans offer up to 4 email addresses. You may request additional email addresses in your online customer area.

There are several advantages to using your ORICOM INTERNET email address:

  • Free access to the online customer area and the web interface Mon courrier to manage your messages;
  • Email virus protection;
  • Junk mail and spam protection and the option of customizing this protection.

Click this link to learn more about email protection.

Below, you will find instructions for configuring and using email software as well as web-based email functionality.

Configuring email software

You will need the following informations before starting the configuration:

  • Email address that you want to setup
  • The password for this email account
  • The software that you want to configure your email in and the exploitation system on which the software is installed.

Our instructions allow you to choose between POP3 or IMAP protocol. If you are unsure which one is better for you, we recommend using the IMAP configuration because it will be possible to modify the reception protocol later without losing messages. Click on this link to see differences between POP3 and IMAP protocols.

Here is how to configure the different messaging software

Web-based email functionality