List of ORICOM INTERNET’s star (*) features

When you subscribe to ORICOM INTERNET’s IP telephony, you will receive an instruction booklet that explains each of the star features listed above. Star features are activated and deactivated using the same code, unless otherwise indicated.

You can also manage these features from your customer area..

Call transfer

Forward your calls to your cell phone or any other telephone.

* 1 * followed by the number xxx-xxx-xxxx

* 1 * # Deactivate call forwarding

Call Display Block

* 2 # Hide your name and telephone number when you call.

Call Screening

* 3 # Callers must give their name before the call is put through to you.

Last Number Redial

* 4 # Redial the last number dialed on your IP gateway.

Do Not Disturb

* 5 # Receive no calls.

Anonymous Call Rejection

* 2 1 # Blocks anonymous calls.

Call Waiting (Total Package plans only)

# # Place a call on hold. Alternate between two calls.

Dial Last Number

* 6 9 # Dial the number of the last caller, whether you answered the call or not.

Call Information

* 6 8 # For the number and time of the last call.

Deactivate the features for one call

* 6 8 * followed by the number xxx-xxx-xxxx and #