What is IP telephony?

IP telephony (VoIP), your telephone to your high-speed Internet line rather than to a landline. This gives you feature-rich and flexible phone service at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone line.

IP telephony combines the features of a cell phone with the main advantage of a home phone: stability. VoIP phone service can be used with any high-speed Internet connection – DSL, cable, or other types – regardless of your location or your Internet service provider.

Internet phone service, demystified!


With Oricom Internet, your Internet phone is connected directly to our Internet network using an IP gateway. This ensures high-quality sound with no outages. In addition, every call between Oricom Internet subscribers is considered a local call, and is…free!

A fast and easy

Our specialists can install the equipment you need to connect your Internet phone line. The installation is fast and easy; you can even do it yourself to save the installation fee

Feature-rich voice mail

Listen to your voice mail messages even when you’re not home. The system will send a sound file to the email address of your choice, as soon as you receive a voice mail message.

Customer area

The customer area is your control panel for all of your ORICOM INTERNET phone services. Manage your voice mail, call forwarding and all of your star (*) functions with a few clicks. Log in to your customer area

long distance calling

Starting at only $0.04 per minute, IP telephony offers the lowest long distance rates available. Calls to other ORICOM INTERNET subscribers are always free.More information about long distance rates.

What is an IP gateway?

When you sign up for IP telephony, you will receive a traditional phone number and an IP gateway device. Your IP gateway is a small router that serves as the bridge between your home cable or DSL network and your physical telephones.


If you travel, you can take your IP gateway with you and plug it into any high-speed Internet line to make and receive calls as if you were at home.