Billing informations

Billing information

Here you will find a number of topics to help you understand the billing process
What does proration mean?
What does proration mean?

Proration for monthly billing distributes the cost of a service according to the number of days used. This allows proportional pricing for partial periods.

How is proration calculated?

We prorate charges from the date of the change/addition to the date of your next invoice.

Example :

Billing period: 1st to last day of each month
On April 20, you add a new router for rent at $5 per month. You use of this service for 10 days.

We'll calculate your bill as follows:

Partial fee
5 ÷ 30 days = $0.17 (service cost per day)
0.17 x 10 days = $1.70 (cost of service per day x days remaining in billing period)

On your next bill, you'll see a partial charge of $1.70 for April, plus the monthly charge of $5 for May.
Paper bill eligibility
Electronic bill remains the fastest, most convenient and environmentally friendly billing option. You will receive your invoice/statement by email every month. Your invoice is also available in your Customer Area:

If you prefer to receive a paper bill, you are eligible if you:
  • Are 65 years of age or older
  • Self-identify as a person with a disability
  • Do not have home Internet or mobile data services provided by Oricom
If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can contact us to request paper billing.

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