General terms and conditions


By using the Wi-Fi service, you confirm that you have read and accepted this policy and the terms.

Terms of Wi-Fi Service

The purpose of this document is to jointly establish, between the user of the Wi-Fi service (“You”), the local manager and Oricom Internet Inc. (the “Provider”), the guidelines to be followed to ensure the acceptable use of the Wi-Fi service (“Wi-Fi AUP”) as well as the terms of service.

By using the Wi-Fi service, you confirm that you have read and accepted this policy and the terms.

Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy (“Wi-Fi AUP”)

Use of the Wi-Fi service is permitted for legitimate needs only and in accordance with the law. You understand and accept that you are responsible for any activity carried out during any Wi-Fi session linked to your IP address.

Any unlawful or disruptive use of the Wi-Fi, or use that is harmful to other users is prohibited, notably any abusive use of the Wi-Fi service that involves committing offences, such as downloading or retrieving illegal content (for example violence, hard-core pornography, racial discrimination, etc.), mass distributing of unsolicited advertising (spam) or other forms of harassment, offering, distributing or downloading unauthorized copies of copyrighted works (music, movies, games, software, etc.). It is forbidden to intercept messages and other information that are not intended for you, or listen to, decrypt or allow these messages or information to be accessed in any other way. In case of improper use, the Provider reserves the right to take legal action against you.

Wi-Fi Performance

Your device must be close enough to the Wi-Fi access point to enable connectivity with the Provider.

You agree that the Provider will do its utmost to provide a reliable and efficient Wi-Fi service, but you also understand that the Wi-Fi service uses the public, unregulated radio frequency spectrum. Consequently, the Wi-Fi is subject to external interference, environmental influences, as well as to other factors and variables that go beyond the Provider’s control. The Wi-Fi’s performance and availability can vary or be affected by:

  1. Transmission and reception speeds;
  2. Network congestion;
  3. Performance, configuration and features of your Wi-Fi device, as well as the wireless cards (including memory, storage and other limitations);
  4. Physical obstructions and the distance between your Wi-Fi device and the transmitter;
  5. Power outages;
  6. Failures of equipment colocation websites;
  7. Limitations, failures, maintenance or repair of transmission equipment;
  8. User errors.

In order to maintain acceptable levels of service and to improve the service, we reserve ourselves the right to monitor use of the Wi-Fi service and to make adjustments regarding service usage, if necessary, to maximize user experience.

Service Subject to Interception and Unauthorized Use

You understand that communications on the Wi-Fi network can be intercepted by unauthorized third parties. Although the Provider makes reasonable efforts to provide a secure environment and reliable service, your use of the Wi-Fi service comes with no specific guarantee regarding security, availability, performance or any other aspect. You are responsible for setting up your own security measures when using the Wi-Fi service. In the event that you become aware of any fraudulent use of the Wi-Fi service or any security flaw, you agree to notify the Provider without delay. The Provider does not accept any responsibility for your use of the Wi-Fi service and any security breach that could result from it.

Changes to the Service, Wi-Fi AUP and Terms

You agree that the Provider can modify the service, the Wi-Fi AUP and the terms for any reason without notice. We strongly recommend that you review this document periodically to take note of any amendments.

April 10, 2017 version

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