Recommended by ProtégezVous!

ORICOM is at the top of the list of leading Internet providers recommended by Protégez-Vous! The testimonials of ORICOM customers interviewed underline the exceptional quality of our customer service.

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Satisfaction survey

In August 2023, Protégez-Vous has released the results of its survey of 6,987 Quebec residents regarding their satisfaction with their telecommunications service providers. We're proud to share the results of this survey with you, because according to their report, ORICOM is proudly at the top of the list of Internet providers offering the best service!

Results for global appreciation

Oricom gets the best score of all

In terms of the overall rating, Oricom's customers gave us an impressive score of 9.3 out of 10. nous plaçant au premier rang devant tous les autres fournisseurs Internet.

The questions in this part of the survey covered the following topics:

  • Staff courtesy;
  • Knowledge of products and services offered;
  • Customer service promptness and efficiency;
  • Ability to solve a problem;
  • Prices offered;
  • Product quality;
  • Clarity and transparency of contract and billing information.

Customer referral section

Our customers highly recommend ORICOM

The results speak for themselves: 97% of customers surveyed said they would recommend Oricom to others, confirming their complete satisfaction. These results are exceptional and set a new record since the beginning of the survey. At Oricom, excellence is our standard, and these results are tangible proof of it!

What is it?

Who is Protégez-Vous?

Protégez-Vous is a non-profit organization and member of International Consumer Research and Testing. Their mission is to provide consumers with impartial, reliable information to help them make informed purchasing choices. The organization conducts tests and surveys on a variety of products and services, and publishes the results in its magazine and on its website.

Protégez-Vous takes an active role in educating consumers and promoting transparency and corporate responsibility, thereby contributing to better protection of consumer rights.

Unbeatable customer service!

According to the survey, respondents liked Oricom's customer service the best. Our customer, Marie-Hélène Ferris, commented that:
"The service is excellent and the technicians are very nice".

Don't hesitate! Switch to Oricom and enjoy the best customer experience on the market.

Oricom is a synonym for excellence

Since 1995, as an Internet provider, our passion has never faded, and it's as alive today as it was in the early days.

At Oricom, our commitment is to offer you uunparalleled value. Every day, we challenge ourselves to go the extra mile for you, and that philosophy will never change. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and guides every action we take.

Still not convinced? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and guide you to the package that's right for you.


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